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online adhd testing

online adhd testing

online adhd testingonline adhd testingonline adhd testing

ADHD Testing for Children, Adolescents, and Adults*

*8 and older, within the geographical boundaries of the State of Minnesota

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Clinical Experience

Personalized Online Services

Research Validated Testing

 Dr. Scott TenNapel has 30 years experience as a psychologist working with children, adolescents and adults.  He has extensive experience collaborating with primary care physicians and psychiatric specialists in the care of individuals with ADHD and mental health conditions.


Research Validated Testing

Personalized Online Services

Research Validated Testing

TheraTest uses the peer-reviewed IVA-2 CPT (BrainTrain, Inc.) along with client history and clinical interview to clarify diagnosis, inform treatment, and evaluate response to treatment.


Personalized Online Services

Personalized Online Services

Personalized Online Services

No referral needed- just choose from the  menu of services and schedule online to get the service and experience that's right for you. Services are now available remotely and via a secure telehealth link with your phone or computer, anywhere within the State of Minnesota.

client Success Stories

"I've started and quit college 3 times. I'd been to clinics before but the ADHD checklists all said I didn't have it. Getting tested and correctly diagnosed and then treated for ADHD has been life-changing. I'm in school again and this time I'm going to make it."

~Brenda, 38

"I was pretty sure I had ADHD, and had been on and off medications for years. Getting tested and finding out I don't have it was kind of liberating, and turned me on to some other directions to take to make my life better."

~James, 24

"I felt really empowered by the testing, diagnosis and the information Dr. TenNapel gave me. I decided not to go on medications, but I feel the knowledge of what was happening in my brain let me make better accommodations for myself."

~David, 21

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